Meri Kurisumasu

(メリークリスマス,Merī kurisumasu, meaning: Merry Christmas) is the 7th UTAUloid created by Studio12. She is a cute nine-year-old little girl, who is santas daughter. They created her for christmas songs, but of course you can use her other songs too. Her Voice is a high-pich of Ritsu.
Meri Avatar.png

Meri Avatar

Her design:

The designer was thinking of Santa claus when she did her.

Hedgear: a red santa hat.

Headphones: Dark red, with golden stars on.

Eyes: Sea-blue

Hair: Blonde

Accessesories: A red scarf.

Usage Clause:

1.Please do not pitch or change the voicebank.

2.Allowed to be used freely.

3.This is not required, but is recommended, that if you use Meri's voicebank, that you notify the creator so we can hear it!( We would realy like to hear what you have done!)

4.Non pairing is going to class as " Oficiall" untill Studio12 has said that it is ok.( Not just love pairings, friendships pairings too) Please, use her with respect.

Certified true and correct from Meri's creator, Iamthecutedevil & UtauMilly . Please DO NOT change anything here without her permission. The contents of this page is subject to change without prior notice

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