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Yoshi " Cyber" Pandane( Japanese:パンダ音よし, Pandane Yoshi)Redigera

Yoshi "Cyber" Pandane( Japanese:パンダ音よし, meaning: Ok panda sound) is a fourteen-year-boy, who is studio12's 8th UTAUloid. He is the shota character, and he is in love with Kurai. But Kurai is only sees him only as a bro. He has YP-14 in printed on his Right arm.

'Supplemental Information:'Redigera


CHARACTER ITEM: Pandabear, Speakers

HEIGHT: 160 Cm

VOICE SOURCE: Ritsu Namine LIKES: Pandas, Attention, Kurai, Animals. RELEASE DATE:None, he Have not ben released

DISLIKES: Pepole that don't like animals, pepole that not se him as a shoota.

PERSONALITY: Yoshi is a shota character, he likes to be called cool. But he also likes to be called cute. He likes attention, and he likes to be in the center whole the time. He is in love with Kurai, but she is only seing him as a brother.

&nbsp Hair color: Dark Green.

Eye color: Bamboo green

Earphones: Black with panda ears, speakers and a red screen.

Dress: It´s a Green school uniform

Favourite phrase: Aru hi, watashi wa kagamine Ren yori mo yoi shūto naddeshou! ( Translate: One day, im going to be a bigger shota then Len Kagamine!)

Nationality/Race: Japanese


Usage clause:Redigera

1. Please do not pitch or change the voicebank.

2.Allowed to be used freely.

3.This is not required, but is recommended, that if you use Yoshi's voicebank, that you notify the creator so we can hear it!( We would realy like to hear what you have done!)

4.Non pairing is going to class as " Oficiall" untill Studio12 has said that it is ok.( Not just love pairings, friendships pairings too) Please, use him with respect. Certified true and correct from Yoshi's creator, Iamthecutedevil & UtauMilly . Please DO NOT change anything here without our permission.

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